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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Food, Family, Fun, Friends and Fevers...All on the Fourth

Here are a few picts to document our Yearly Family Reunion on the 4th of July!  
There was seriously enough food to feed an army!  It was SO delicious!  Tons of different salads, casseroles, and LOTS of desserts.  I'm pretty sure Pinterest has helped to expand the menu a bit!
Here's Goo-Goo and Andoo.  Aren't they PRESH!  Or in their own words, totes-presh...
 Yaddi and Papa Alan with Marlee Grace and Walker.  Aren't they such a cute couple!!  Walker WOULD NOT smile, so he looks "special" in this picture,
 Here's Caleb with Rach and Andrew.  I'm surprised Caleb made it to the family reunion - seeing how he was shooting families of copperheads just hours earlier!
 Walker once again - not looking at the camera!
 Miss Marlee in her red white and blue
 Family portrait.  It's hard to believe this time last year I was 6 months pregnant with Marlee!
 Justin and Aaron - they are always this cool.  
 Shauna - lounging by the pool - the classiest girl that I know!

 Marlee in her celebration dress!  Thank you $4.00 consignment!  You did not disappoint!
The day was HOT but so much fun!  On the way home we stopped by some friends to have dinner, Walker had a total meltdown, and we realized that he had a big ole' fever!  We quickly wrapped some plates and headed home.  He's been a little better today and the fever has gradually gone down.  Poor guy just had TOO much fun celebrating our independence!

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