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Thursday, November 10, 2011

6th Anniversary St. Simons Island

This year in celebration of our 6th Anniversary we headed to St. Simons, GA.  My dear college friend Rachael was getting married also so we were able to celebrate with friends! 

It was a little cooler than we anticipated, but we had a lot of fun visiting the sites on Saturday.
 Aaron was VERY excited to visit the Lighthouse - as you can see!
 World's largest magnifying glass apparently!
 Like my "big smile"
 Check-out that ear!!

 Brooke was testing out her new fancy camera - she'll be a professional in no-time!
 Here we are in front of the Lighthouse and Museum
 Marlee Grace while she wasn't crying!
 Nice light
 Nice Lighthouse!
 St. Simons Shore
 Old-Fashioned Bottle Warmer
 Aunt Brooke keeping Marlee warm
 Modern-Day Bottle cooler
 Raw Oysters, no thank you!  There's Brooke's husband, Cory (pr his right arm anyways) somehow I have no pictures of him - but we were thankful to spend time with him too!!
 Marlee stretching our for a bit at the wedding.  She was SO good for us!
 On our way home we stopped off in Savannah for some sites and food...of course, more food!
 Savannah candy kitchen
And here's 3/4 of our family,  Walker stayed with my mom and had a blast riding 4-wheelers, eating corn-dogs and doing all things boy!


  1. Anonymous11/10/2011

    haha..i was wondering where walker was! looks like y'all had a great time! marlee's complexion is so perfect...just like her mommy! i want to see you soon!


  2. Anonymous11/10/2011

    and now I want some pralines!!!