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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Little Siblings

Just a picture post of these 2 little dolls. Walker doesn't pay Marlee a lot of attention but when he does he is sweet with her.
Baby girl sleeps like a champ during the day. She's getting better with her nights which is a huge relief. Anything is better than being up on-and-off from 12a-5a!! She's a great baby. Seems to be easier than little Walker was...but we shall see!
I love that she's all girly dressed in her pink and Walker is tossing an Angry Bird around the house making explosion sounds! We have been camping out at my moms. Who could turn down lots of help from the greatest family around!
Walker has been saying the funniest things lately and praying the sweetest prayers. He thanks God for each person (in his sight) by name! He's also potty trained during the day and through naps. He's very proud of his "big boy underwur" and announces all potty activity upon completion! Like shouting out in Panera Bread, "I make big doo-doo". Very humbling!

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