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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend 2011 and Pictures Galore!

Our whirlwind Easter weekend began on Saturday when Aaron's mom and aunt came down to visit for the day. We headed over to a local school for an egg drop. They were dropping 15,000 eggs from a helicopter over the practice field.
Walker is obviously very excited about his easter egg basket!
Here's Aaron with his mom and Walker
And here's Walker giving out those sweet kisses. If you're one of the many that have wondered where got his blonde hair, here's the proof! Aaron's mom and aunts are blonde as can be...SEE!!

Enjoying a lovely strawberry fruit bar to beat the heat! It was a hot one on Saturday!
A little sweet and a lot cold!
Inflatable slide. I volunteered to stay this one out and just take pictures. Looks like they had fun.
Walker meeting the Easter Bunny. Don't be fooled, he was terrified, this was just the one moment that he was giggling in between clinging on to Aaron for dear life.
Best seat in the house
Easter morning began with services at church and incredible worship. After church we headed up to my moms to spend the day. We grilled out, relaxed, went fishing and spend some good time with family and friends.

Here's Walker in his Easter duds. All consignment and hand-me-down! That's how we roll. I could have eaten him up in this little outfit!
Here's Walker trying to have a fit instead of taking a sweet pic with my mom
Giving sweet kisses to his great grandma
one family picture for Easter. Looking this tired doesn't come that easy people!
After our lunch settled we boarded the "USS George Bush" and trolled around the lake. Aaron caught 2 small bass and gave Walker his first fishing lessons.
My sweet sister Rachel
the nasty cup of crickets
Aaron and Justin. Justin and his wife Shauna spent the day with us. Their family lives states and states away. It was so much fun getting to share Easter with this sweet couple.
I couldn't have asked for a better Easter weekend, spent with family and friends, celebrating our risen Savior! Hope you were able to celebrate as well!


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