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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2 little Christmas ideas

Here are 2 last minute Christmas ideas for you. I wasn't sure how to display our Christmas cards this year so I cut a few strips of burlap and tacked them to the wall then pinned each card to the strip. I love how it turned out. It's completely full now. I've been pointing out all our friends to Walker and he gets a kick out of it. I LOVE Christmas cards!
Another idea was originally Lanie Beths. I took the Christmas picture of Walker and turned it into little gift tags. I think they are super cute and it took about 1 minute to make! I just used plain paper and taped them to our gifts. Very easy!!


  1. Michele, i LOVE the christmas card idea, im literally going to do it right now!!! mine are in a hue pile in the middle of our dining room table, ha!
    and i love the card, walker looks like a little angel! Merry christmas!

  2. you'll have to take a picture and send it or post it!

  3. I love my Walkie card too!! And thanks for my Meeshy-made burp cloth!! I actually did kind of a similar thing with our cards but they are on wired ribbon and they are hanging in our breakfast room!! I miss you!!

  4. Peyton you should send me a pic!! Glad you like the burp cloth! Love you!

  5. You so crafty!!! Yo tha crafty quane!