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Friday, July 9, 2010

We're here...and there...

hi - it's me - Michele - I used to blog here at this blog...now I just stalk my favorite blogs from my phone and delay posting what's going around here!
we don't have internet at the house yet - so I'm using that excuse as to why I haven't been blogging! We are settling in nicely in GA. We really love the church and Aaron is loving his job there. He actually gets to teach both church services this Sunday which is very exciting! We have already made new friends and connected with friends that we have missed the last few years. It's nice to be closer to family - they actually visit us more now!
We got an opportunity to go to SC for a few days with Aaron's dad. I have some great pics on my camera (that's dead at the house) but this one I thought was pretty cute
this little dude will be ONE next month - he's still such a baby to me - and I am almost in denial that his birthday is just around the corner. He's still nursing, napping 2 times a day and sleeping from about 8-8. he's talking a lot looks like he'll be walking soon - but I'm NOT pushing it!! He's got 6 teeth. The top 4 are so spaced out it's hilarious...I might need to go ahead and start a braces fund! He's a handful - he'll show you his nose, toes, lips and teeth. he's talking a little and pointing a lot. He eats everything - and eats all the time! Wonder where he gets that from??
My mom is starting a new business which is very exciting. I'm helping her (along with her sisters/my aunts) to get it off the ground. I'll have more details later - I think it's really cool - and hopefully every woman in the world will too:)

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