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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baby Update

After spending a lovely 2 hours at the doctors office today...we still have no progress...bit of a bummer if you ask me.
The good news is:
Weight gain is great
Blood Pressure is great
Belly is measuring great
Pee is great
Baby is head-down
I feel great
there's no progression
no thinning
and the baby is "big" estimated at 9lbs. 5oz.
It's hard to believe that this little peanut (at 10 weeks and 5 days) could now be so big!
I know it's the obligation of the doctor to tell me ALL the facts...but it's like taking a drink from a firehose listening to all the "what-if's" and thinking about what could "go wrong" at this point.
So the plan as of now is that I am scheduled to arrive at the hospital at 8pm for induction on Sunday night the 16th. That's the "plan" but my prayer is still that I would go into labor on my own before then. I'm just not ready to check into the hospital...not in labor.
So other than that things are going well. We truly covet your prayers during this time. I don't want to live in fear - but at times it tends to overshadow all the great things that have happened over the past 9 or so months. We're super-excited and so very anxious to meet our "little" guy no matter how he decides to make his entrance!
Hope your week finishes out great!


  1. we're praying! and marah is excited b/c she says her boyfriend needs to be taller than she is.

  2. You can count on my prayers! I can't wait to see Walker!!!

  3. I'm definitely praying that you go into labor soon!! Going past your due date is tough...hang in there, it'll be all worth it soon!

  4. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope it happens for you naturally. I was induced at 42 weeks... I was on pitocin for a little while (maybe 8 hours?) - a low and slow drip. Once active labor began we turned off the pit and I labored completely naturally. I had a drug-free waterbirth. So it can be done if it must be done. But I am sure it must be preferable to go into labor naturally... I hope to experience that next time.

    I also wanted to mention... don't worry about the weight estimate. Ultrasound is pretty unreliable when it comes to estimating weight. Anyway, my baby was almost 10 lbs! and he came out just fine. :) You were made to do this - you can do it!

    Enjoy your last few days of pregnancy!

  5. I didn't know you had a blog until you posted on mine! I am definitely praying for you guys, I'm sure your mind is running 90 miles a minute.

    PS- let me know what you think of natural child birth...that's my plan right now

  6. You are a trooper!! Big babies are healthy babies! Start eating Mexican and doing jumping jacks!

  7. Hey Michelle!! I found your blog through the Hunnicutt's-hope you don't mind. We're so excited for you guys and hope Walker will hurry up and make his arrival! We're thinking about you...good luck!! Our little one is 5 months old now and I just can't believe it. It goes by SO FAST so ENJOY every minute!!!
    Our blog is sararyanglenn.blogspot.com if you ever wanna check it out. Maybe while you're sitting around waiting for Walker!!

  8. Loving you all and thinking about you everyday. Prayers always.