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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Let's just face it...

I'm pregnant.I haven't used it as an excuse but recently others have been using it as an excuse for me. Emotions bouncing all over the place, losing my mind, forgetting to be places, and lacking the ability to plan anything in the near future. It can - at times - be overwhelming.
So this week I forgot about my sales meeting at 8:00am on Tuesday. It hit me when I was driving up the interstate and the clock said 8:16...my heart dropped...literally. It was a simple mistake - but not one that I had made before.

Twice I have tried to plan showers on, 1 - Easter and 2 - Father's day. It's like my brain just isn't tracking!

Last night was really the "icing" on the cake. Aaron and I attended the Hoover High Graduation in downtown Bham. We parked a block or 2 away from the arena, went inside - watched 1.5 million little graduates recieve their diplomas (one even did a kart-wheel across the stage.) It was a happy and fun evening. UNTIL we left the arena and headed towards our car - which neither of us could find. OK - 5 minutes of searching was not too bad - 8 minutes was bad - and 10 minutes I was ready to choke someone! Not to mention that I was in non-comfy work shoes, had a major cramp in my side and it was dark as can be. We took a "short-cut" through a little mulched area and that's when it went WAY south...I stepped in a hole, twisted my ankle, and slowly went crashing to the ground. I laugh as I type this because what happened next must have been quite a spectacle! I proceeded to take off both my shoes and throw them as far into the air as I could while screaming about JUST HOW MAD I WAS! And there was no way in (well you know) that I was going to put those shoes back on. I would just suffer through the tender foot walking through the streets syndrome.
So now - 15 minutes into the - 2 grown adults that can't find their own car that they parked themselves incident - it dawns on us that we exited the building and turned left instead of turning right...NICE - so we were on the COMPLETE opposite side of where the car was! So finally - we found the car - headed home - with one ill - angry - fussy - pouty - not nice pregnant girl in the car - and one sweet - never loses his temper - doesn't have an angry bone in his body - everything's gonna be fine - can I get anything for you husband. WHEW! I just kept pointing out - "Well - thank God we don't have a child with us - how will we ever have a child if we can't even find our own car" I was a monster!
So - as I try to keep track of my sanity and not fly off the handle too much...I will remind myself - it's gonna be ok...I'm Pregnant!


  1. haha! i needed that shirt on more than one occaision during my 9 months. don't worry, it's worth all the craziness in the end!

  2. aw, my sweet friend! I think that happened to me a couple of weeks ago and I'm not pregnant! :) I love your honest stories! Thanks for being real.