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Monday, March 2, 2009

17 Weeks Down!

Here's me and the little guy at 17 weeks (I know - cheesy smile, but it was late!) It's hard to believe that 17 weeks have gone by - it really has been fast, and I still have so much reading and planning to do - which I plan on reading like 100 books over spring break!
I found this bedding online! What do you think? It's my favorite so far - even though owning it would require robbing a bank:) I just love the bright colors and the lack of a particular "theme" It's back-ordered till April - so there must be some other moms-to-be out there that like it too!
In OTHER news...this is Kirby...
He lives next door with the Herrings. He's was probably born before me. But the great thing is - that when the 2008 born, Hoover Windtunnel Mach 5 doesn't work - Kirby works like a charm! I ordered new belts for my vacuum (that doesn't work) over a month ago - and they are still not here. SHOCKER! And Hoover doesn't answer the phone or return my e-mails. Should have bought a Dyson - right? Needless to say - that was my last Hoover purchase ever...and I am spreading the word (it makes me feel better).
Tonight I looked through my grocery receipts from last month - much to my surprise - by couponing, timing the BOGO's and planning my grocery trips, we saved over $160.00. That's just too cool to me! Something I thought I could never do actually worked! So - I'll keep clipping!

Much Love:)


  1. Your little belly is so cute! I like the bedding too! I get so sick of seeing pink/brown or blue/brown. Good choice! Very cute!

  2. Aww, I love your little belly! I can't wait to watch your little man grow! What names are you tossing around?