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Monday, January 12, 2009

Which one of these doesn't fit?

If you clook closely the answer can be found on the right side of the picture beside the pillow. It's the little 4lb. yorkie - LadyHollyGoLightly - otherwise known as Holly.
Her parents Eric and Stephanie are on a cruise this week - so she's taking a vacay at our house! Nala and Reagan don't mind her at all - she basically bosses them around. She eats about 5 kibbles of food per day and leaves what Aaron likes to call - "little tootsie rolls" in the yard. She came fully equipped with 5 chanegs of doggie clothes, scarves, hair bows and even some "freshen-up" spray. This dog is high-class! Oh - and she sleeps in the bed with us...she starts out right in the middle, then I move her to the side - then she somehow ends up back in the middle.
So here's to the queen of the couch!

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