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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Baby Mama

So for forever my discipleship girls (11th grade) have been wanting to have a slumber party and watch Baby Mama! How much fun right! We agreed several weeks ago that we would slumber and watch the movie at my house but the girls had to show-up to the house with a Baby Mama belly. They all agreed and plans were made. WELL...oddly enough last weekend Aaron and I found out that we were expecting our first baby (HOORAY)!

We told our family and our closest friends...and the word started to spread - but hadn't made it to my discipleship gals yet. So on Friday night the girls actually got to the house about 10 minutes before I did...and were all standing out in my front yard with "Baby Mama" bellies...it was hilarious. So I got out of the car - opened my jacket and said..."Well, here's my baby mama belly" and all at once they started screaming and jumping and screaming even more. It was so crazy how the timing worked out - but it was so great! Here's 2 pics we took with our Baby Mama poses!

We had so much fun - and I can thankfully say that Aaron and I have some very incredible babysitters lined up! What precious young ladies!

We have our first doctors appointment on the 18th - apparently I will be 6-7 weeks along then. I have been using babycenter.com as my "online doctor" and it's provided a lot of great information! Keep us in your prayers - we are so thrilled and give God the complete Glory for this blessing!



  1. Anonymous12/07/2008

    Congratulations!!! What a fun memory to have and share with your little one some day. Babycenter.com is a great website too, btw! --Blair

  2. Michelle you are going to be an incredible mom! Congrats!

  3. Lanie Beth Sinclair12/08/2008

    Heck yes!!! I could not be more excited for you two (or three!) Love you! LB

  4. Oh, yay! What a blessing, especially here at Christmas! :) Congratulations! I am SO happy for you guys

  5. YAY YAY YAY!!! What a great story as well! I am so happy for you and Aaron...what a blessing :) I love you and miss you bunches!!!

  6. I am so excited for you and Aaron!! I can't wait to meet this little bundle of joy!

    Kim Sexton

  7. Hey Michele!! I just found your blog!! Congrats on being married, life, and the baby on the way ;) So good to see you and be able to keep up with you! Hope you guys are well, I can't wait to hear about your pregnancy!

  8. Congratulations Michele. I will be praying for you guys!!!

  9. Anonymous12/12/2008

    well, well, well....i can't wait to see your baby mama bump on saturday!! We will feed the baby hashbrowns....triple order...no quadruple order for the baby(ies)!! I love you---deana